Belau National Museum


As the oldest museum in the Micronesian region, ever since 1955, BNM still continues to further develop its programs and activities with its new building facility.

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  1. Great time at the Belau national museum

    We have visited the Belau National Museum and learnt a lot about the history of Palau! The garden of the museum is also worth visiting. Overall, its a small but really nice exhibition about the history about this lovely county.

  2. Great history museum

    The Belau national museum has humble but really nice collection of exhibits on Palauan history. There are even artifacts on the outside, which include traditional buildings and WWI weapons.

  3. If you have a dive/beach-free day, it's worth visiting

    Of course, it’s not the British Museum, but if you have some spare time and want to learn about Palau’s history, you should visit. Outside is a nice garden and also a pottery works, if I remember correctly.

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