Big Drop-Off Palau


The dive Jacques Cousteau proclaimed as the best walled dive in the world, the Big Drop-Off, a nearly 1,000 feet straight vertical drop.

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  1. Snorkeling at the Big Drop Off was the highlight of our vacation!

    We have been to Palau in 2016 and went snorkeling at the big drop off. The water was clear, the colors wonderful, and the marine life was spectacular! We even saw a small shark! This spot was definitely the highlight of our vacation in Palau!

  2. Great snorkeling spot in Palau

    I’ve been to the big drop off as a part of a daily tour and it was a great experience. Just float along and take in the view. I’ve been lucky to have godd weather conditions, so the sea was really calm and the visibiltiy perfect. I could see a lot of fish – it was really worth a visit!

  3. Loved it

    One of the best experiences in my life. Need to do this again! The water was perfect, the weather was perfect, the view was exceptional.

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