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  1. Okay but still below expectations

    We recently spent a night at the Cliffside Hotel before leaving on a dive trip. Our expectations were fairy low, we expected nothing but a small but clean room to stay and sleep. I’ve to admit that it was quite clean but the air conditioner was not working properly beacuse it leaked and lost water. I think the prices for those room are really high but this is actually common in Palau, to be fair. here was no breakfast included. However, the people , the staff was really really nice!

  2. Not what we expected

    The Cliffside is an old hotel, with limitations. So the contents of the toilet in the shower come up again or when it rains it drips into the bed or bumps form along the walls. The cleanliness is otherwise acceptable – cockroaches always exist in the tropics, the cleaning staff friendly. Breakfast, if you want to call it that, usually consists of already cooled fried eggs, cold-grown poultry sausages and cold toast baked in egg. On request you can get fresh slices of toast. In the last years, the hotel had free access to the Palau Pacific Resort PPR and used it to advertise. This no longer exists. You can still go there, but then pay approx. $ 50.00 per person per day. Since this is the only beach that can be reached without a ship, the loss of this convenience, which was originally included in the price, is particularly annoying. With us, the new management unilaterally canceled our contracts and almost doubled the prices.

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