Dolphin Bay Resort & Peleliu Divers


Palau’s most eco-friendly resort. Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing, Kayak and more.

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  1. Dolphin Bay Resort & Peleliu Divers okay for sleeping

    The rooms and the garden are nice … but that’s it! The staff is apparently friendly but doesn’t manage anything. For breakfast there is exactly one egg and a tea bag! A second teabag or a second egg is paid extra! If you go diving, lunch is exactly a sandwich consisting of 2 slices of toast. When I wished for fish for dinner it was about 25 grams … the rest of the rice and salad … that is outrageous if you want more in the evening there is also a charge that it is too late! At 7pm! I had to harvest the coconuts myself and still pay for it because, as always, none of the employees were there to do it. The beach in front of the hotel is impossible to swim there because there is no high water. The diving staff … oh my god! Dear guys who sometimes tried really hard … but that had nothing to do with Dive Guide.

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