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DW Motel is a budget accommodation of 20 rooms located in Koror, Palau.

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  1. my stay at the DW Motel in Palau was great

    I decided to stay at the DW Motel because of the reasonable prices and good reviews on the internet – and i was not disappointed. I was pleased by the hospitality and quality of the room and the staff. However, everything in the room felt wet, because of the humidity (but this is a general problem in tropical countries!). Overall the room was very clean. There was also an outside area were you can hang your wet clothes and a lounge area, where you can get coffee and tea. Lastly, the DW Motel is centrally located so that you can easily find a supermarket, restaurant, small shops etc.

  2. DW Motel in Palau is good

    The DW Hotel in Palau / Koror is ok. You have to know that hotels are generally quite expensive in Palau. DW Motel / Hotel offer reasonable prices for a quality that is okay.

  3. Central hotel but could be cleaner and nicer

    The positive fact: the airport transfer worked perfectly. The drive of about 10 minutes to Koror at night happened without any problems, and someone was also present at the reception. The DW Motel is on a junction to the main street of Koror, in the middle and next to some apartment buildings. Cafes, shops and restaurants are within walking distance. If you have a light sleep, you should not be disturbed by the fact that several roosters crow from 5:00 a.m. The check-in itself was quick and unspectacular. The room is unfortunately very simple. A bed, a fridge, a remote control for the air conditioning. A simple bathroom with a sink, shower and toilet. The room is also noisy. What is striking is the complete lovelessness of the design – a light bulb hangs in the room, no decoration, nothing. Limed walls, white tiles. The whole thing looks more like a cell than a motel room. The surrounding area is also rather shabby, various rubbish is lying around, ashtrays that are probably not emptied often, 2 dogs lying around, again completely unloving. Wifi is only available at a cost, $ 10 for 7 hours at PTelecom. This works very reasonably. Now it is clear that Palau is a very expensive destination, nevertheless it seems hard that for a late check-out, which I could have used, US $ 10 per hour was charged. In my case it was even cheaper to take a rental car and take the luggage with you. As I said, Palau is expensive and most tourists go to various resorts; accordingly, the options are rather limited. Only here the price and performance are simply not right at all, even if it is easy, it can at least be clean, insect-free and reasonably loving. I can only recommend this accommodation to backpackers who have previously stayed at the campsite or outdoors.

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