Etpison Museum


The 3-story building houses 2 floors of Palauan and Micronesian artifacts, displays, photography and information.

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  1. Some nice traditional pieces and exhibits, but 50% of this museum is actually a shop

    We have been to the etpison museum in Palau. They are nice exibits in the ground floor and in the basement (not completely finished in Jul 2016), even if its quite small. The first floor however ist acutally huge shop and has nothing to do with a museum. Nevertheless, the ground floor was worth the visit.

  2. Nice souvenir store with a museum attached

    The building has three floors. The bottom floors exhibit really interesting artifacts about Palau and the Palauan culture and history. Whereas the top floor is actually a large shop where you can buy souvenirs. Still, it is a nice place to spend some time on a rainy day or on a relaxed afternoon.

  3. Too much shop, too little exihibition. But a very cool parrot.

    Too much souvenir shop, too little actual exhibition. But it has potential! Hopefully they will expand the non-shop part soon. And, there is a cool parrot at the entrance (one star for the parrot alone).

  4. a visit is fine on a rainy day or if you have time left

    To understand the history you can also visit this museum. Some exhibits are really good otherwise you can get through in an hour. On a rainy day a good place to visit. The Gift Shop has too much kitsch in my opinion.

  5. Not what i'd expect for a museum

    You are quickly through the two or three rooms. Unfinished, little documented. Afterwards you are as smart as before, only $ 10 poorer. Huge souvenir shop on the first floor with three employees.

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