Palau Pacific Resort


Palau Pacific Resort is a luxury Palau resort offering tropical accommodations, spa services, a private beach and on-site dining.

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  1. Great stay at the Palau Pacific Resort

    The Palau Pacific Resort is great for families. So did I, I stayed at the Palau Pacific Resort with my family and had a fantastic stay! The location is superb, the beach is white and feels great, snorkeling is possible to and the palm tree reminded me of a tropicla paradise. We also enjoyed the tasty breakfast buffet while enjoying the ocean view. The room looked a bit old fashioned but we did not mind, because we actually used the room only for sleeping. I need to mention, that the Palau Pacific Resort is really expensive and everyone has to choose on their own if the price is it worth it or not.

  2. Ppr is the best in palau

    Best service n best sunset view!

    Price is bit high but still best out of all

  3. Once in a lifetime experience - Palau Pacific Resort

    I’ve stayed at the Palau Pacific Resort for 6 days and it was a remarkable experience, that i will never forget. If you ever want to experience a world class beach, go to the Palau Pacific Resort. Same is true for the people working there which are super nice and helpful. It is expensive though but totally worth it!

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