Palau In A Nutshell

The Palau Republic is located in the Western Pacific Ocean, southeast of the Philippines. It is a group of 8 important islands and other 200 smaller islands. It has been a part of the UN Trust Territory of the Pacific under US administration for almost three decades.

It has a coastline of 1,519 km and a total area of 459 km square, with no land boundaries. It has both high, large islands consisting of mountains. And low coral islands with large barrier reefs. Caroline Islands chain is also a part of the Palau islands. The highest point is Mt Ngerchelchuus 715 ft. (215 m). The climate of Palau is tropical; hot and humid. It is located in the immediate North of the equator. The islands are covered with forests and are rich in minerals, especially gold. It is a beautiful tropical heaven. It has a population of 20, 400.

Tourism is the country’s main industry. It is also a source of number of marine products. It is a tiny country, famous for its underwater wonders. It has amazing dive sites where divers get to see the most magnificent marine life. Koror is Palau’s largest town as well as the capital city, with a number of beautiful museums. The economy is based upon agriculture and fishing, but scuba diving in the pristine reefs is a popular growing tourism activity. The agricultural products are coconuts, copra, cassava (tapioca), sweet potatoes.

Along with the beautiful things it has to offer to the tourists, the island suffers a major problem of illegal fishing or over fishing. It also lacks the proper facilities for disposal of solid waste, which is ultimately thrown into the water thus threatening the marine eco system.

The island consists of World War II battleground and other famous rock islands. The island experiences natural hazards from June to December. It has no regular military forces and is under the responsibility of the US.

Geography Palau

Some of its amazing islands include:

Long Island Park offers a mildly interesting snorkeling area. It’s located just south of the two bridges that connect Koror and Malakal. From Koror, cross the first bridge and then turn left.

Icebox Park, at the southern tip of Malakal, offers a nice view. However, swimming is not advised as it is immediately adjacent to a waste water outlet (clearly visible at low tide).

Nikko Bay is a great place for kayaking and snorkeling. A good place to launch your kayak is Ngermid Boat Pier. Head a few hundred meters south from the pier and you will see a floating wooden dock, under which lives a huge Napoleon fish. Snorkeling around the islets to the immediate west of the dock is quite impressive.

The South West islands of Palau are worth a visit if you have your own marine transport such as an ocean-going yacht. There are Sonsorol, Fana, Meriil, Hatohobei and Helen Reef, a conservation area. To move between the islands, you can use private boats.


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