Palau Scuba Diving

Imagine going deep below the surface of warm, blue waters any time of year to discover a host of marine life varieties you’ve probably never seen before a midst a backdrop of coral reefs, white sand, underwater caverns and historic WWII shipwrecks or snorkeling among jellyfish. Because of the location, with its three ocean currents converging, scuba diving in Palau is among some of the best deep water dives in the world with its western Pacific archipelago of Micronesia’s Caroline Islands chain. Palau diving offers year-round warm waters filled with adventures and breath-taking sites, mammoth deep caverns, plenty of fish and sea life, reefs and coral. Whatever your scuba diving desire is to explore, Palau has it. Explore pristine reefs, a vast array of marine life, and historic World War II shipwrecks.

Some of the best deep sea diving and underwater wonders are near the Rock Islands, and there is something for every skill level of diver. The German Channel is the choice for diving if you want to spot some manta rays. The Ulong Channel provides a drift dive excursion gliding adrift white sand and corals. Expect to see barracudas and a variety of sharks. The Siaes Tunnel allows you the opportunity for amazing views along with sea life of whitetip sharks and rays. Yet, these amazing adventures just begin to skim the surface of what Palau has to offer for divers.

For a history buff, the Helmet Wreck is the dive to explore sunken shipwrecks from World War II. Explore ships that sunk intact with all of the gear ready for battle but now engulfed in the waters forever. The name of this diving experience stems from the numerous helmets found which are now naturally bonded together in the sea. Chuyo Maru is another dive to experience with a shipwreck from 1944 where you will still see the masts from the ships within the coral.

For one of the most unique snorkeling experiences in the world, enjoy a unique diving experience at Jellyfish Lake. Snorkel in clear water where you will be sure to spot one of the close to 2 million jellyfish that make the lake their home. Don’t worry though, this unusual variety of jellyfish will not sting you.

Wherever your scuba diving experiences take you, divers always count the waters near Palau among the best. Plan your Palau scuba diving excursion today with skilled divers who will guide you wherever you want to explore.

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